Let me just start by saying I will not under any circumstances apologize for being me. I am a person of sheer determination and that is what leads my everyday life. With that being said it would be my divine pleasure to step on and crush anyone who gets in the way of me becoming mayor of Chicago […]

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Come together as one

Tis the season for being warm-hearted. Lately, there has been so much political tension that has truly caused a divide amongst people. Division, however, is so arbitrary and disruptive to progress. Ask yourself when was the last time you gave someone a hug or fed someone. It’s hard for people to come together when no one wants […]

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Faces of Austerity

It is about time we face reality. There are so many programs out there that support so many people and they are not even aware of them. People must realize that there are systematic hindrances that keep people from becoming informed. A fully informed person who can rationalize and make decisions for themselves is a […]

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Many of you may be aware that open enrollment for those who don’t have insurance through their job or independently starts on November first. However, recently Trump just signed an executive order largely cutting benefits for Medicaid. The amount of pride he is taking in his action of trying to deprive literally millions of people with […]


…Then Tragedy Hits

So there I was about to enjoy my weekend despite not feeling well to began with when all of a sudden I break out tremendously all over my face. It was not gradual it was very much over night and I could not for the life of me figure out what was happening to me. […]

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Tax cuts won’t solve anything

Hi all! Last week there was an emergency call conducted by the nondefense discretionary funding organization covering the topic of the Senate Republicans agreeing on over $1 trillion tax cut! This of course would mean that all nondefense discretionary funding programs would have to take a large cut in funding! The Senate Republicans seem to […]

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Team work makes the dream work

This falls NAFIS conference went absolutely amazing. We had a lot of amazing people at the Hyatt Regency Hotel on Capitol Hill giving out information that really helps to inform and more importantly enlighten people on the importance of impact aid and what impact aid does for so many of our federally impacted students. The […]

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